The Coaching for Change Program

A Coaching program around change follows a Short-term or a Crisis coaching method and is usually measured in weeks. Compare this to psychotherapy which can last years or even a life time. These weekly sessions are accompanied by lots of fieldwork. The coaching sessions are supported by 1 to 3 of the following programs:

  • 1. Meditation

    Meditation, differently from the next 2 programs, is an essential part of the coaching work. Although there are many types of meditation, which all offer a superb relaxation, there are only a few that have a long-lasting effect with regards to life´s changes.
    We offer 2 choices, either Mindfulness (Insight) meditation, or Transcendental Meditation. The basic Transcendental Meditation program takes 5 hours, after which you can continue at home or continue the guided exercises in our studio.

  • 2. Physical exercise program

    A physical program is very beneficial in most situations where change happens. We advice either a yoga program or a taichi program adapted to your physical needs and capacities.
    You can also do this with your own favourite yoga studio, or even choose other sports if you prefer. However we advise against competition sports during the program.

  • 3. Nutrition program

    We use an Ayurvedic approach to find the right balance for your nutritional habits to deal with your changed situation.
    The importance of this program?: Change all happens in our mind, and our guts contain such a huge amount of brain cells, that it is often called our 2nd brain. We cannot afford to neglect that. Yet, if you would feel this is just some mumbo-jumbo, there are also practical reasons to focus on nutrition during a change in our life.
    Many people going through a period of change often change their eating habits for the worse. Consider people who lost their job; most tend to neglect their lunch because they stop eating in the corporate canteen, and often eat increasingly irregular with sweets or snacks between the meals and not seldom an increased amount of alcohol.



In principal Life Coaching sessions and the related programs are one-to-one sessions. Additional phone support can also be provided to give extra coaching support between the regular sessions especially for crisis coaching.

For corporate assignments we will make a proposal about the organizational aspects after our 1st contact depending on the needs. This can include one-to-one and group sessions, combined with phone and/or email support and seminars.

Sessions and support can be given in English, French or Dutch. Training programs are also available in Mandarin.