What is Life Coaching, and what isn't Life Coaching

Contemporary life coaching can be traced to teachings of Benjamin Karter, a college football coach turned motivational speaker of the late 1970s and early 1980s. A coach may apply mentoring, values assessment, behaviour modification, behaviour modelling, goal-setting and other techniques in helping his clients.

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Life coaching is a future-focused practice with the aim of helping clients determine and achieve personal goals. Life coaches will select from among several methods such as long-term, short-term or crisis counselling to help clients set and reach mutually defined goals.

Life coaches are neither therapists nor consultants; psychological intervention and business analysis are outside the scope of their tasking, Life coaching has its roots in executive coaching, which itself drew on techniques developed in management consulting and leadership training. Life coaching also draws inspiration from disciplines including positive adult development, career counselling, mentoring and other types of counselling.

Numerous coach-training schools can deliver certifications. Multiple accreditation organisations and credential designations are available within the industry, allowing for countless options. These often cause confusion when people decide to check on "certification" or a "credential" as they look for a coach.

The universe is change; our life is what our thoughts make it.
Marcus Aurelius Antoninus
Government bodies have found it not (yet) necessary to provide a regulatory standard for coaching. Although some people claim Life coaching is akin to psychotherapy, there are clear distinctions:

Life coaching is:

Life coaching aims helping clients determine and achieve personal goals. Through collaboration the coach supports the client to achieve the client´s goals towards a fulfilling life.

Life coaches can use a wide range of methodologies, templates and tools, which will help clients with the process of setting and reaching their goals.

A Life coach offers various things during the coaching process such as, support to discover the answers within him or her self, clarification of value, co-creation of a plan to achieve what the client really wants, a sounding board for new ideas, support in making life changing decisions, direction, acknowledgement, encouragement, resource of information, motivation.

Life coaching is not:

Coaching is not therapy because it does not focus on examining or diagnosing the past. Instead coaching focuses on effecting change in a client´s current and future behaviour.

Additionally, life coaching does not delve into diagnosing mental illness or dysfunction. If a pathological problem is discovered during a session, life coaches will always advice you to consult a physician or to get psychiatric help.