Communication coaching

Intercultural and communication coaching

How many executives have uttered sentences such as :

“…this was now the (10th) time we presented the new strategy to our staffs, and they still don’t get it!”

CEO’s are very adept in designing turnaround strategies. When the implementation of these strategies stumbles, it is often due to communication problems.

Our coaching support focuses on 2 dimensions:

  1. The communication skills of your managers
  2. The intercultural dimension of your communication

TeamsAt the end of the eighties brave expatriates went to China to look for opportunities for cheap manufacturing. Business has changed significantly since then. Intercultural awareness is a requirement which is not limited anymore to international executives and expatriates. Especially with Asian companies investing heavily in Europe and US, intercultural skills are becoming increasingly a necessity for success.

Intercultural communications requires understanding of dominant cultural values and understanding how they affect our perception of ourselves and others. The famous sociologist Geert Hofstede defined in 1965 the concept of Cultural Dimensions. He looked at racial differences and also at subcultures, such as professions, gender, associations… We have developed a framework to compare these cultural values with corporate values. This allows you to understand and even anticipate differences when negotiating with partners of different cultures.