Team coaching

Teamwork Coaching

Artem Development Services uses a holistic teamwork coaching methodology, which can assist your teams on 3 different levels:

a. During the selection of the team.

Too often teams are based only on Hierarchy or on functional skills. The effectiveness of a team depends often more on the social skills of the members, rather than their technical skills. A team of 10 people has 45 possibilities for personal conflicts.

b. During the life of your team

Artem Development Services will accompany and monitor your team during its project. When needed we will provide training to individual members to improve their communication and meeting skills.

c. Intervention

If relations go wrong, it is often easier to get a 3rd party in to mediate between the parties. ARTEM Development Services has been a successful mediator in intercultural conflicts since 1997. We can mediate on site, by phone or with video conferencing. CALL us for a proposal.