Our Credentials


I started with a degree in art (photography) and a Master in Chemical Engineering. At a later age I discovered that working with people was a very important factor in my work, so I went to school again to add:

1. A Master in Metaphysical counseling

2. Practitioners certificate

3. PhD Metaphysical sciences

Although these studies adequately cover all necessary coaching skills, I sometimes get a question about my coaching certification. I deliberately decided not to pursue a specific coaching accreditation. Coaching is a young and still rather unregulated discipline. The market is much too fragmentized for any certification standard to make sense. At the moment of this writing there exist at least 65 distinct credentials in the Anglophone world. When you read this, there are most likely a lot more.


A PhD or an accreditation alone does not make one a good Coach. Life and work experiences are surely as much a requirement for good coaching work.

When you blame others, you give up your power to change.
Dr. Robert Anthony
As to my work and life experiences:

- Set up and managed more than 15 enterprises in different parts of the world

- Actively pursued learning organizations and coached hundreds of employees

- Got laid off

- Lived and worked in 3 different continents

- I worked with people from countless nationalities, and many different cultures and religions

- Was mediator in several conflicts

- Assisted bringing my 6 kids into the world

- Held my wife in my arms when she passed away at a much too young age

- Raised my youngest daughters as a single parent

- Went to the hospital once for a minor operation and experienced an NDE

- ´Cheated´ death while skydiving on a routine jump

- Spent many nights lying on my back in the grass watching the stars

- Love the smell of roses, the sound of the wind and the taste of durian

- ... and many, many more.