Mindfulness against Depression

Mindful Meditation

Meditating is easy, everyone says so. If it is really easy, then why do so many people start and give up after a short while? The reason is that meditation is indeed easy when we have lots of time, when we are in a peaceful environment and have no worries. In less ideal circumstances, meditation becomes very hard. Unfortunately it is exactly on those difficult moments that meditation could help you dealing with those difficulties.

Concept-Gaia’s meditation program aims exactly to teach you the techniques to use meditation on the moments that you really need it. It is a non-partisan and fully secular approach, which is based on the famous Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction developed by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn from the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

Our program takes you a 9-week journey to explore yourself through meditation. The weekly sessions complemented by your daily practice will teach you to identify the triggers that send you in a downward spiral of moods, which lead into another episode of depression.

We offer individual sessions in French and in English, and also group sessions with up to 5 persons per group. We can also customise the sessions for corporate sponsored programs.