Coaches have big toolboxes filled with models, tools and templates. We also use them according to our client's needs. However in our approach dealing with change one tool stands central; it is called the Enneagram.

To become different from what we are, we must have some awareness of what we are.
Eric Hoffer
Any approach to dealing with change has to take into account the different personality types. Being aware of our personality is a crucial factor to start any transformational work. The tool we use to gain insight into ourselves, is called the Enneagram.


The Enneagram is an over 2500 year old symbol. It is a geometric figure that can map 9 different personality groups of human nature and their interrelationships with an astonishing accuracy. It applies universally, independent of any religious, racial or gender distinctions.

EnneagramThe original use of the Enneagram is unknown. Its use to map 9 different personalities is very recent. The man credited for the start of this development is George Ivanovich Gurdjieff at the start of the 20th century. The 9 groups are based on the psychological archetypes, brought forward by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung around 1919. These theories were further developed during the last century. Especially the creation of the ‘levels of development’ by Riso and Hudson, improved greatly the use the Enneagram as tool for coaching by giving it a 3rd dimension.

Find more information at the website of the Enneagram Institute.


The Enneagram Institute has developed several tests to determine your personality types. The RHETI test is the most complete test. It takes about 40 minutes to complete.

You can also find a short version of the test here. Click here to take this free test, which takes only around 10 minutes to complete.

The tests are straightforward, and you can do the tests on your own without aid of a coach. However some experience is beneficial to make the correct interpretation. Even if you decide not to have a full coaching program with Artem, I would be most happy to offer you a session to help you determining correctly your group.