Change …

Life is all about it. Without change, life is not possible. Most changes in our lives are gradual, some are sudden and traumatic. Just think about that first dramatic change each of us encountered on the day we were born.

Nothing endures but change.
Yet, although change is such a fundamental concept in our life, change makes us feel insecure. Our minds tend to resist change. Most people hate it. Others, who love it because it helps them to run away from a mess, often discover that despite having changed, they end up in the same mess again and again.

We can help you to deal with Change in your Personal or your Professional Life …

  • If your board has just decided to change the direction of your company
  • If you find yourself contemplating a change in life, whether it is work, study, marriage, or just a fresh start,
  • If your new colleagues or teammembers are too hard to deal with,
  • If you have changed job recently and find that it doesn't work out the way you had hoped,
  • If your expatriation is taking an unexpected toll on you or your family,
  • If change got forced upon you, because you lost a beloved, because of a sickness, a lay-off or because life has pitched a curveball to you,
  • If deep inside you know you are destined for greatness, … when only those seasons could stop changing,
  • If you just discovered you could fall in love with a person of the same sex,
  • If your teenager just came home with again another boy- or girlfriend,
  • If a long time ago change made you feel depressed, and you would like to stop swallowing Prozac,


ARTEM offers customised Executive Coaching and Collective Coaching for organisations. For individuals and families we offer a wide range of Life Coaching programs.

BorisCorporate and Executive Coaching

Changes in our work environment become increasingly frequent and abrupt. Gone are the days of our grandfathers who worked for one company during their entire life.

The management of our increasingly complicated and fast-paced work environment demands skills and an endurance that can not be learned in any school. We have managed international groups during many years, and build up an experience which can assist you with your daily job, and with maintaining a healthy work/life balance. Read here about our corporate coaching programs.

Life Coaching

Contact me for a FREE introduction session during which we evaluate your need and your desire for change, and see which program we can build for you.

– Read about our Life Coaching Programs.

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